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eren cannata

“ There’s an infamous picture of me between the ages of one and two, sitting at the console in my dad’s studio,” begins eighteen- year- old Eren Cannata, Richie Cannata’s prodigious son. “At age two I did a recording session with my dad. I sang Twinkle Little Star”… and that was the beginning of Eren’s career.

The younger Cannata always accompanied dad when he was on tour whether it was at Madison Square Garden with Billy Joel or on a sun soaked stage with The Beach Boys. . “When dad played with The Beach Boys, we both got on stage and I played sax and percussion. That experience sparked my interest in becoming a professional musician.” Having spent much time of his youth at dad’s side sin the studio, Eren learned the technical as well as the artistic side of music. He took guitar lessons for a short time then branched out on his own to teach himself. He also studied piano and clarinet and in high school concentrated on voice, and became the president of the glee club.

In addition to his musical gifts, Eren is also a veteran actor. “For several years I was on the award winning television show ‘As The world Turns’ ‘til I was six- and- a- half. I also did a movie with Richard Bradford called, ‘Under the Cover of Darkness’.”

Fast forward to adolescence: around the age of thirteen, Eren started his own band with his friends. “We were called Loose Cannon, and we played at high school dances, parks and bars. It ended soon as Eren decided to set up a Pro Tools studio in his house, concentrating on playing guitar and writing songs by him. “My dad noticed that my writing was getting better and it was time to find better musicians to join me and start to record seriously and start playing out.” His new band is called “The Eren Cannata Band” and has quickly moved forward in playing in the New York area. His band members include John Montagna on bass, Joe Montagna on guitars and Kevin Bregande on drums.With his impressive sounding cd, web site and live performances he has built an impressive fan base in a very short time.

Eren also this year has been accepted into NYU’s “Clive Davis’s School of Recorded Music”, of which only 30 musicians through out the country were chosen, and Eren was the first to be selected. The song “Part of Me” that he wrote for his admissions was also recently selected for Dawson’s Creek DVD and Video to be released in the fall of 2003. Of his ascent into the limelight Eren says,” my emotions are portrayed in my songs”.

His music and his performances must be seen and heard…….